Programming Languages Are Just Tools

As developers, we’re destined to keep learning, develop, plan, and more. This also includes learning programming languages. However, as a developer, sometimes we get attached to one specific language or tool and that can be our detriment for one reason.


The Reason For Programming

As developers, our job is to bring ideas to life with our programming skills. This means that we should be capable of switching languages as necessary. In fact, many times, you may need to use more than one language. For example, recently, I had to combine C# and Node.js when creating server-side endpoints for a web application. I did not want to use C#, but I had to. It was necessary to bring the project to its end goal. So, what should we do as programmers?


Remove Attachment

As software developers, we’re professionals. Our job is to keep learning so we can create what the end-user wants. We have the capacity to learn any language to get the job done. And, we should never settle for anything less. Remove your attachment from a specific language, each tool is better for a different job. Remember that, and keep improving your programming skills.


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