Array.Reduce; The Magical Things You Can Do


Reduce is a method that belongs to arrays in Javascript. How the reduce method works is to reduce an array to a single value.

Example 1 – Basic Reduce

Now, you might think that’s useless, but let’s break down the code.

First, you pass a function, which takes an accumulator, the element, and the index. And, you pass a value to be your initial value. Next, for every array element, the initial value is changed by adding to the sum (accumulator). Finally, once all elements are processed, the final value is returned. It’s kind of like a for loop, but you can do much more; you can create modified arrays, implement most array methods, create objects from an array, and more. It’s a very powerful method. Now, let’s demonstrate creating an object.

Example 2 – Object Reduce

Similar to the first example, you change the initial value (the object ‘{}’) by adding a new property, then returning the object. Once all names are processed you have a new object created out of an array. This is extremely powerful, and a lot easier than using a for loop to recreate the object. Not only that, it uses a lot less code!

Once I started using reduce, my code got a lot cleaner; I didn’t have to write long for loops to get the job done.


With that in mind, I hope this helps improve your code. Until next time, keep creating!


MDN Array Reduce

Fun Fun Function Reduce

Reduce Fiddle


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