The Best Tool In The Toolkit


Often times as developers in any field we get caught up with lots of different tools( I’m looking at you Web Development). We focus on learning the best frameworks, languages, and so on. Eventually, you’ll wonder is it worth learning x or y, maybe even quite learning altogether. I’ve brushed against this wall in my life when initially learning JavaScript. After the pain and struggle, I’ve come to understand our best tool is our ability to learn.

Learning, Our Best Tool?

Now, I know it sounds clichĂ©, but it’s important to realize to prevent us from stunting our growth. I’m sure you’ve had times where you kept doing what you’re doing instead of learning anything new that might help you fix the problem. Learning new things can be uncomfortable and you may feel by learning something new your skills deteriorate. I advocate the opposite. Focus your learning towards a goal to solidify new skills that offer new perspectives on problems.

The New Perspectives

Every external tool and framework could become deprecated, but the perspectives you’ve gained last forever. For example, you may learn how to write a program that allows you to chain methods together on a single object. You might learn from Node.js how to create a library that uses events that to call functions when you want them. These are just a few examples from my journey with JavaScript, and they’ve helped me immensely. Regardless of the language, if the features are there, I can recreate those libraries and programs with enough knowledge of the language. So, how do we learn to learn effectively?

Learning To Learn

The first step is to set a goal for learning; no goal leads to aimless learning. The goal should be specific enough to be checked off a checklist. Next, find resources on that subject that both agree or disagree with your stance on the subject. It’s important to have multiple views on any subject, to get the full information. Finally, you should read the material until you have a basic understanding, then experiment with it if possible. In the case that you can’t experiment, try to absorb information in chunks, then test yourself. This is how I learn, and at first, it will be painful, but it will expand your mind, or remind you of a previous subject. In the end, the information will benefit you toward your goal and only make you better at what you do.

Once again hope you all enjoyed the post. Finally to the developers out there, keep creating.


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