Just Shapes & Beats Review

Just Shape & Beats is a game created by¬†Berzerk Studio; it is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam. The game is a rhythm and bullet hell game with personality. The game again can be broken into story, gameplay, audio, and visuals. With that said, let’s get into the details starting with gameplay.



Now, I called the game a rhythm game combined with a bullet hell. That might seem weird, and a game you would not want. But, it is actually what you want and one game I ended up loving. Anyway, let’s explain what that gameplay looks like.

When you start a game, the character you play is a square. The game is then broken up into songs that act as stages/levels. Each level is composed of moving pink shapes that follow the beat, and your job is to avoid them by moving around. Each time you get hit, you lose a piece of your shape. You can only get hit about 4 times and then you die; this can get really stressful at times. Also, depending on the level, checkings are in the song; boss battles are the only exception. That’s the gist of the gameplay; it’s very simplistic. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, the game remains fun, easy to pick up and play with a friend. I had many exciting moments as the game progressed, especially, during story mode. With that said, let’s talk story.



The story of the game is straightforward. The square shape is trying to get back these special triangles to create a holy triangle tree. After completing the tree, an evil circle being comes and destroys the tree, sending the square and his friend’s flying. The square then goes on a musical journey to get back each triangle from the evil circle being. That’s the whole story.

Honestly, the story I don’t care too much about, but watching it in action…it was cute and adorable. They use no words to convey the story; I give them credit. But, the story is just a vehicle for going through all the game’s amazing songs. Speaking of songs, we should discuss the audio.



The audio of the game is primarily composed of techno songs. These techno songs are from various artists. So, if you enjoy the various artists in the game, that alone should be enough to play, or rather experience the music in a different way. Overall, I enjoyed the tracks in the game; they hit a range of emotions instead of all being extremely hyped up music tracks. Anyway, let’s talk visuals.



Not much to say here; the title of the game says it all. The visuals of the game are all simple shapes. They make good use of these shapes by having them move around in time with the beat and add more artistic expression with bright colors that contrast the black background. It definitely isn’t a graphically intensive game; it’s simple. But,¬† what’s the verdict?


The Verdict

The game is a solid 7/10; it’s a must buy for individuals who enjoy rhythm games and want to experience music in a different way. The visuals are simple but appealing enough to keep you engaged. If you never were interested in rhythm games and bullet hell, this would be a good starting point. Plus, damn those shapes are cute.


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