Social Skills Are A Necessity

The most important thing you can do for your product, game, application, or idea is to develop your social skills. Now, that might seem strange, but it’s core to the business aspect of marketing your ideas. You have to weaponize your confidence. So, let me explain.

Individuals who can sell their ideas are often the ones who are listened to in this world; they get the world to bend to their will. This means as an individual you have to be able to negotiate, make friends, and influence others. Thus, what can we do to get the results we want from other individuals?


Getting Results

To get the results we want, we must first be completely sold on our idea. The best thing we can do is compel people to be a part of our idea by making it seem that they should have, want, or invest in our idea. One great quote for this is: “The best marketing does not feel like marketing”. Confidence is the key here because without confidence you will not be able to get people as excited as you are about your idea. They have to see why you’re so invested in it, and also feel like they are a part of it. But there is another trait just as important.

Understand how your idea can truly help them as individuals. Your work means nothing someone if it does not help them.  So first, you must invest in them before they invest in you. Be clear on how your idea can help them by first listening to them and their needs/wants. Truly a lot of socializing and creating connections for your ideas is a lot like marketing. Now, you may not agree with the ideas here and believe they are not necessary for your idea to reach its full potential, but don’t be fooled.

When I was building a brand in another community, the greatness of the idea was not enough. Your idea could make everyone’s life better, but it is just sitting there. Where is the audience? So, I had to learn a crucial ability. The most important factor was my ability to build an audience around the products. That eludes to the real killer of fledging dreams and ideas that are so close to being made.

The real killer of your ideas and dreams is obscurity. People can not invest in you if they do not know you. If that’s the case, I rather fight the obscurity and build up my social skills to achieve my dreams.



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