Just Shapes & Beats Review

A review of the video game Just Shapes and Beats. An indie title released on Nintendo Switch all about shapes and beats!


Persona 5 Stylish Game Design

Introduction Persona 5 is a great JRPG that was released on 4/4/2017 in the United States and has sold over 1.5 million copies. The game focuses on a group of teenagers that take up the mantle of Phantom Thieves to stand up to the adults with their own sense of justice. And, one of the […]

Nier: Automata – Conflicting Game Design

Introduction Recently, I’ve beaten the game Nier: Automata. If you’d like to buy the game check it out here: Nier: Automata – PlayStation 4.While playing I noticed that the game applies the less is more principle to the game’s design through the mechanics and world to create a great experience. Although, the mechanics could be […]