Horizon Zero Dawn – Replayability Issues

Review of Horizon Zero Dawn. Discussing components of a great game with a crucial issue of replayability.


Persona 5 Stylish Game Design

Introduction Persona 5 is a great JRPG that was released on 4/4/2017 in the United States and has sold over 1.5 million copies. The game focuses on a group of teenagers that take up the mantle of Phantom Thieves to stand up to the adults with their own sense of justice. And, one of the […]

Nier: Automata – Conflicting Game Design

Introduction Recently, I’ve beaten the game Nier: Automata. If you’d like to buy the game check it out here: Nier: Automata – PlayStation 4.While playing I noticed that the game applies the less is more principle to the game’s design through the mechanics and world to create a great experience. Although, the mechanics could be […]

Object.Assign Putting Two And Two Together

Introduction The Object.assign() method is used to copy the values of all enumerable own properties from one or more source objects to a target object. It will return the target object. Objects are a core part of JavaScript; Object.assign is a new ES6 method. Today, we’re going to discuss what it does, and techniques we […]

How To Read & Write JSON

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation; it’s based on JavaScript objects and other language types to¬†create a structured¬†file type for storing data. Now, after being in the community for a while, something has come to my attention. I’ve realized a lot of plugins ask the user to create or use a JSON file in RPGMakerMV. […]

JavaScript Event Listeners

Event Listeners are a core part of using JavaScript in the browser and in some cases the server. So, what is an Event Listener?   What Is An Event Listener? An event listener is a JavaScript function that listens to when a specified event is emitted/occurs on a webpage; this also applies to server-side JavaScript […]

JavaScript Map Object

The Map Object In ES6, JavaScript added a new Map class. The Map class is very similar to the standard object class, with a few differences. Today, we’re going over when to use and why to use them.   Why Map Map, unlike the object class, does not have extra keys that have to be […]