Array.Reduce; The Magical Things You Can Do

Reduce Reduce is a method that belongs to arrays in Javascript. How the reduce method works is to reduce an array to a single value. Example 1 – Basic Reduce Now, you might think that’s useless, but let’s break down the code. First, you pass a function, which takes an accumulator, the element, and the index. […]

Callback Functions

Introduction Callback functions are a concept that should be explained because you’ll see them constantly in JavaScript. Functions are objects so we can pass them as parameters; this important key makes callback functions viable. Today, we explain what are and how to make callback functions. What Are CallBacks? Callbacks are functions used by another function that […]

JavaScript Async & Await

Introduction In JavaScript, there are two keywords that are new in es7. These awesome keywords are async and await. They allow developers to write asynchronous code in a synchronous way. Asynchronous code is run independently of the execution order of the program; think of it as a background process. For example, getting a file takes […]

JavaScript Arrow Functions

Introduction Functions are a collection of instructions that are used to accomplish a task. In JavaScript, there are two types of functions you’ll see often; the standard function and the arrow function. Now, there are some key characteristics that separate arrow functions from the standard function. But first, let’s discuss the standard function briefly.   […]

JavaScript Promises

JavaScript Promises Promises are the new kid on the block when it comes to handling asynchronous functions in JavaScript. But, before we can talk promises, we have to talk about asynchronous briefly.     Asynchronous Functions And Callback Triangle Asynchronous functions are functions that handle some request, then return the result when the operation is […]